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Many people are surprised to learn that Louisiana has some of the harshest laws in the nation for drug offenses. While this understandably applies to crimes like drug trafficking or distribution, a drug possession conviction also carries some extremely harsh penalties.

If you or a loved one is facing any type of drug charges, it is critical to retain a Bossier City drug crime attorney as soon as possible – the consequences you could face can impact your life for years or even decades to come. At Joseph A. Gregorio, A Professional Law Firm, our experienced attorney is a fearless litigator who will gladly stand up and fight on your behalf. When you retain our firm, you can trust that your case is in the hands of highly skilled lawyer who is dedicated to protecting your rights and freedom.

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The Types of Drug Offenses In Louisiana

In Louisiana, drugs are organized into five schedules, or classifications, based on their perceived danger and accepted medical uses. The consequences you will face for nearly any drug offense will be impacted by the schedule of drug involved. Marijuana is the lone exception, and has its own unique set of laws and penalties.

In Louisiana, you could face criminal charges for:

  • Possession of a controlled dangerous substance
  • Manufacturing a controlled dangerous substance
  • Selling or distribution of a controlled dangerous substance
  • Laundering drug sale proceeds

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Sentence Enhancements

While being charged with any of the aforementioned offenses is serious, prosecutors may be able to increase the stakes based on the unique circumstances of your case. For example, the penalties of a conviction will double if you sell drugs to a minor, and you are at least 3 years older than them. If you are over 25, you could potentially be sentenced to life in prison.

There are also a host of additional charges you can face that are related to the drug offense. Commonly, prosecutors will increase charges from simple possession to “possession with the intent to sell” based purely on the amount of the drug you have. If you are caught selling a counterfeit drug, you can face both drug distribution charges, as well as charges related to operating a scam.

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